Three of Hearts: FL Gov. and Mini-Trump aspirant Ron DeSantis, “finally admits Trump’s election fraud claims are BS”

In 2021, DeSantis endorsed President Donald Trump’s fight to hold onto his job, floating the idea that GOP-controlled legislatures in battleground states won by Democratic nominee Joe Biden could appoint Trump electors and override the popular vote.

In a playbook Republicans across the country are using after President Joe Biden’s decisive victory, DeSantis announced his support for new restrictions on voting by mail and on ballot drop boxes, needed, he claims, to clean up election nightmares that have plagued the state’s reputation since the neck-and-neck George Bush vs. Al Gore fight in 2000.

 As a state governor he has campaigned for election deniers, after bragging before the 2020 presidential election.that he had removed local election officials and even in the middle of the pandemic had not expanded mail-in voting. 

More from mentor Trump’s playbook?  In 2022 DeSantis wrongly arrested Black voters . . . for voting.

And now this . . . 

NYTimes: Today’s Top News: DeSantis Acknowledges Trump’s 2020 Loss, and More