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Timeline: Voting Rights


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Lesson plan: An experiment in misinformation

April 5, 2022

PBS NewsHour Classroom

Lesson plan: An experiment in misinformation


Students will be introduced to Birds Aren’t Real, a satirical conspiracy theory, then create connections to mis- and disinformation while watching a PBS NewsHour Classroom video lesson.


  • Students will learn to understand and apply concepts of mis- and disinformation in context.
  • Students will construct knowledge around conspiracy theories, mis- and disinformation using a satirical conspiracy theory as an example.
  • Students will evaluate how Birds Aren’t Real operates and create connections between how mis- and disinformation is spread.



Videos featured on Rick Hasen’s Election Law Blog:

“Disinformation in American Elections Part I: The View of Election Officials” (Jocelyn Benson, Neal Kelley,Tammy Patrick)

A conference sponsored by UCI Law’s Fair Elections and Free Speech Center on October 6, 2021, which you can watch at this link


“Election Subversion: Is American Democracy in Danger?”

A conference sponsored by UCI Law’s Fair Elections and Free Speech Center on Sept. 24, 2021, which you can watch at this link.


Disinformation in American Elections: Pt. 3 (Social Scientists) with Joan Donovan, Renee DiResta, and Brendan Nyhan (Moderated by Pam Fessler)

November 6, 2021

You can watch archived video of this event at UCI Law’s Fair Election and Free Speech Center at this link:

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In search of an inspiring read?  This election season try Ari Berman’s “Give Us the Ballot”  (2015).

“[More than] fifty years after the passing of the Voting Rights Act, racial minorities are still being systematically excluded from the ballot box, argues  journalist Ari Berman. And in this book, he presents the data (and historical context) to prove it.” Sarah Begley, Time.


On the relation of diversity in nature to human diversity:

“We as humans will always be fallible. That’s always my opener. And with that in mind, looking at the history of just our country, it’s so easy to see the amazing things we’ve accomplished. And it’s also so easy to see the mistakes that we’ve made. And so that’s my hope is to open our minds to that fallibility that then allows us to own those behaviors and say, “OK, so we did this poorly. We did this bad. How can we do it better?”
“Because we’ll never be done evolving our civilization. Our beautiful American experiment that ostensibly on paper is designed to make an equal amount of happiness and justice for every citizen has a long way to go. So in order to achieve that, which I think is absolutely what our goal should be, we have to keep our eyes and ears and hearts open to that diversity of nature.’

– Nick Offerman