2016: During the 2016 campaign Coulter wrote a book-length endorsement of her preferred candidate, "In Trump We Trust.”  January 6, 2021: Coulter breaks ranks: "Who are these people still supporting Trump and this nonsense ‘stop the steal’? "I don’t understand why. Why are you doing this for Trump when he doesn’t give a crap about you?"

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Joker: Former President Donald Trump:
“. . . lie and attack, win no matter what . . .”
“I’m telling you the single biggest issue, as bad as the border is and it’s horrible, horrible what they’re doing, they’re destroying our country — but as bad as that is, the single biggest issue — the issue that gets the most pull, the most respect, the biggest cheers — is talking about the election fraud of the 2020 presidential election.”      - Donald Trump, October 10, 2021 “There’s hostility to lying, and there should be.”     – Bob Woodward Learn More
In 2021, DeSantis endorsed President Donald Trump’s fight to hold onto his job, floating the idea that GOP-controlled legislatures in battleground states won by Democratic nominee Joe Biden could appoint Trump electors and override the popular vote.
In a playbook Republicans across the country are using after President Joe Biden’s decisive victory, DeSantis announced his support for new restrictions on voting by mail and on ballot drop boxes, needed, he claims, to clean up election nightmares that have plagued the state's reputation since the neck-and-neck George Bush vs. Al Gore fight in 2000.
 As a state governor he has campaigned for election deniers, after bragging before the 2020 presidential election.that he had removed local election officials and even in the middle of the pandemic had not expanded mail-in voting.  More from mentor Trump's playbook?  In 2022 DeSantis wrongly arrested Black voters . . . for voting. And now this . . .  NYTimes: Today’s Top News: DeSantis Acknowledges Trump’s 2020 Loss, and More
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"It was Mr. Meadows’s critical failure to tell the president what he didn’t want to hear that helped lead to the country’s greatest political scandal, and his own precipitous fall." -  Chris Whipple, the author of The Gatekeepers: How the White House Chiefs of Staff Define Every Presidency.

Mark Meadows Spills to Special Counsel About Trump’s Election Lies: Report

Mark Meadows has reportedly testified before a federal grand jury impaneled by Special Counsel Jack Smith in exchange for immunity from prosecution in the Justice Department’s election interference case against Donald Trump.  

According to ABC News, the former White House chief of staff has testified under oath at least three times, twice before the special counsel’s office and once to a grand jury, regarding the investigation into Trump’s attempts to overturn the 2020 election. Meadows reportedly testified that he had told the former president the election was lost and, according to sources, testified to the DOJ that “obviously we didn’t win.” 

As previously reported by Politico, Meadows’ testimony to Georgia prosecutors has provided hints that he may be prepared to flip on Trump there, as well.

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America’s most prominent conservative gathering, founded on ideals of personal liberty and limited government, convened in Budapest in 2021 to celebrate a European leader accused of undermining democracy and individual rights. CPAC Goes Full Orbán:  The right launders its support for Putin through the Hungarian autocrat. CPAC's opening 2021 conference "included look at 'failed' states — PA, GA, NV, oh my! [states President Biden won] and 'successful' states, likely drawing attention to the spate of restrictive voting laws state Republicans are advancing in dozens of states. " Learn More
  • 2017: Promoting Trump’s false ‘voting fraud’ narrative: “Well, I won't reveal private conversations with the president, Judy, but I will tell you that what the president is talking about is registration and voter rolls. He knows there are dead people registered, there are illegal people registered, and he wants to get to the bottom of that without an election on the horizon.   
  • 2021: “Alternative facts”: Conway praised Trump for his response to the U.S. Capitol riots.
  • The very next day: President Trump appoints Conway to the board of visitors of the U.S. Air Force Academy.  

“You’ve got two camps right now of people who should speak out and haven’t. The first camp knows Trump is a dangerous and vindictive man but doesn’t want to upend their lives by provoking his ire. The second camp is more nakedly transactional." - Miles Taylor, former chief of staff at the Department of Homeland Security in the Trump administration Learn More
Together with Steven Bannon, Peter Navarro developed a plan to block the Electoral College vote count, called the 'Green Bay Sweep' . Its purpose? To pressure Vice President Mike Pence to misuse his role as the person officially counting electoral ballots and instead reject them, delaying Congressional certification of Biden’s victory in order to give give Republican-controlled state legislatures time to overturn the election through baseless assertions of voter fraud. Learn More
“I don’t even know if she believes the Big Lie. But she is absolutely responsible for propagating a lie that will undermine our democracy.” - Margaret Hoover, a center-right commentator who worked with Stefanik at the Bush White House and now hosts PBS’s Firing Line. Stefanik says she ‘would not have done what Mike Pence did’ on Jan. 6. Steve Bannon, the far-right activist and alleged fraudster, who was Trump’s campaign chair and White House strategist and remains a close ally, told NBC Stefanik was “at the top” of the running-mate race.        
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Mo Finally Comes Clean: Mo Brooks, on losing his Senator seat, having refuting Trump's claim of election fraud: "As a lawyer, I’ve repeatedly advised President Trump that January 6 was the final election contest verdict and neither the U.S. Constitution nor the U.S. Code permit what President Trump asks. Period.” “I’ve told President Trump the truth knowing full well that it might cause President Trump to rescind his endorsement.”   Learn More
After Joe Biden won the state of Arizona, Hoffman, an Arizona state representative, declared himself a state elector and attempted to submit false documents to the National Archive asserting that Arizona had been won by Republican candidate Donald Trump. Learn More