Three of Spades: U.S. Sen John Kennedy (LA), voted without evidence to refuse certifying electors from six states

Louisiana Republican U.S. Sen. John Kennedy joined an effort to refuse certifying electors from six states, in hopes of denying the presidency to the election’s winner, Joe Biden. Trump won those states in 2016, but voters there backed Biden in 2020.

Undisputed Senate king of the waffle, Oxford, England-educated Sen. Kennedy then characteristically waffled:

“You will never find where I ever said, anywhere, that the election was stolen or not stolen,” Kennedy told WWL-TV in his first extended interview about his votes Jan. 6 and the Capitol riot that attempted to derail the peaceful transfer of power.

“Now, having said that, I have never seen demonstrated evidence proven in a court of law that it made a difference. I’m not saying it did. I’m not saying that it didn’t. I’m not sure anybody knows,” he said.

Kennedy acknowledged that “some people” say there were no significant voting irregularities at all, but said even if that were true, “people perceived that there were. And that’s undermining our election integrity.”