Kelli Ward, AZ GOP Chair, incorrigible Election Denier and Fake Elector Advocate, invoked 5th Amendment

Ward, chair of the Arizona G.O.P., fought to overturn President Biden’s electoral victory in Arizona, and was a part of a bogus slate of electors, which she celebrated on YouTube at the time:

“We believe that we are the electors for the legally cast votes here in Arizona,” she said in a video posted Dec. 15, 2020.

“Ward participated in a scheme to send spurious electoral votes to Congress, a scheme that the committee describes as ‘a key part’ of the ‘effort to overturn the election’ that culminated on Jan. 6,” the two judges wrote.

They added that Ms. Ward had invoked her Fifth Amendment rights when the committee sought to question her. “Having attempted the less intrusive method of asking Ward directly,” the two judges wrote, “the committee has a strong interest in pursuing its investigation by other means.”