Five of Diamonds: Marble Freedom Trust, Federalist Society, Leonard Leo

“Marble Freedom Trust is Leonard Leo’s billion-dollar slush fund to erode democracy”

In 2018, during a live event, Justice Clarence Thomas joked about how honored he was to be sharing the stage with Mr. Leo, calling him “the No. 3 most powerful person in the world.”

In 2020, Leo left the leadership of the conservative Federalist Society to become chairman of a company called CRC Advisors, which advises and helps manage conservative nonprofits.

In 2021, Leo became “a kingmaker in conservative big money politics” as the trustee and chairman of the new $1.6 billion Marble trust,  a political non-profit organization, created and funded by a 90-year old electronics manufacturing mogul, effectively giving Leo “the power to shape elections and political fights.”