King of Spades: Pam Bondi – Former FL A.G. as Trump 2024 A.G.?


Sept. 2013: Bondi, as Florida attorney general, drops probe into Trump University days following $25,000 donation from the future president.

July 2016: Bondi gives a speech at the Republican National Convention, during which she led “Lock her up” chants directed at the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.[39]

Nov. 2019: Bondi hired by the Trump administration to help the White House during Trump’s first impeachment proceedings, being given special Government employee status, allowing Bondi to continue working for the Arab lobby.[40][41][42] Her position was described the following month as being to “attack the process” of the impeachment inquiry.[43]

Jan. 2020: Bondi named as part of Trump’s defense team for the Senate impeachment trial.

Nov. 2020: “We’ve won Pennsylvania,” Bondi asserted. Trump’s campaign did not win Pennsylvania.

Nov. 2023: Bondi to lead new state chapter of new America First Policy Institute