Seven of Clubs: The Conservative Partnership Institute

CPI: “Breeding ground for the next generation of Trump loyalists,” an engine of voter suppression

  • Funded by?  The Council for National Policy (CNP), also known as the “Secret Hub of the Radical Christian Right.” 
  • Founded/directed by?  Jim DeMint, CNP member & former president of The Heritage Foundation.
  • Led by? Trump enabler & co-conspirator Mark Meadows, CNP member & former Trump chief of staff.
  • Founder and funder of? Election Integrity Network (EIN), voter suppression masquerading as election integrity,
  • EIN’s leader?  CNP/CPI member & Trump voter-suppression attorney, Cleta Mitchell.
  • Opposed: “For the People” Act, the elections reform bill that would undo Voter ID laws, support mail-in ballots, enact automatic voter registration, and shine light on dark money.
  • Partners with: Jan 6. enabler Turning Point USA, which played a major role in the January 6th Capitol riots.
  • Funding: Mark Meadows’ mission “to create more members [of Congress] like Jim Jordan, Ted Cruz, and Josh Hawley,” via CPI’s new State Freedom Caucus Network.