Queen of Clubs: Ivanka Trump, acknowledges election “not stolen”

At Risk, Ivanka Eventually Comes Clean.

October 2016: Ivanka Trump: Too many Georgians ‘feel their vote has been canceled’: Donald Trump Jr, has leaned into his father’s lies and anti-Democratic conspiracy theories about the electoral process, as reports say his daughter, Ivanka Trump, has urged him to concede — while apparently considering her own political future.

Ms Trump, who quickly displayed her own political ambitions following her father’s 2016 election despite not having any government experience, has mostly stayed silent on the administration’s baseless allegations of mass voter fraud.

She posted a single tweet about the issue after Election Day, as her father began ramping up his false claims surrounding mail-in voting and ballot counting: “Every legally cast vote should be counted. Every illegally cast vote should not.”

June 2022: The report details how, in the final days of the Trump White House, Jared Kushner would tell anyone who’d listen that he and the wife essentially knew that Dad was a loser before it had been officially called. It’s hardly a coincidence that this latest one, which could help shield the couple from any accusation that they played a role in fomenting violence at the Capitol, is emerging just as the January 6 committee is presenting them as the hearings’ star attraction.