Eight of Clubs: Alt-Right Radio’s Jesse Kelley, Trump Shock Trooper


“Let me tell you all an uncomfortable truth:
This country needs a dictator.”





Conservative Radio Host Issues Chilling Call For What America ‘Needs’

Jesse Kelly, a former regular guest on Fox News, agreed with a Twitter user’s suggestion that “Weimar problems eventually lead to Weimar solutions.”


Conservative radio host Jesse Kelly, who was a frequent guest on Tucker Carlson’s prime-time Fox News show before Carlson’s reported firing from the conservative network last month, tweeted this week that America “needs a dictator.”

“As the great John Adams said, a free country only works for a ‘moral people,’” Kelly wrote on Twitter. “We are not worthy of freedom. A dictator is coming.”

In later posts, Kelly said he himself didn’t want to be a dictator and suggested authoritarian rulers “are awful” but that “one is coming and we deserve him.”

One commenter said, “Weimar problems eventually lead to Weimar solutions.”

Some of the challenges faced by Germany’s Weimar Republic following World War I assisted with brutal Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler’s rise to power.

“There it is,” replied Kelly, an Iraq War veteran with two failed runs for Congress under his belt. He is a fierce critic of President Joe Biden.

Another Twitter user suggested Kelly’s comments were “a warning” and not a literal advocation for a dictator.

They asked for clarification.

He responded: “I don’t give clarifications. What I said is right there for everyone to read. It’s quite plain and simple. The perpetually offended dork wing will take it how they take it. The ‘get it’ people will understand it. It needs no further clarification at all.”


Right-wing radio host blames LGBTQ “degeneracy” for the rise of Hitler

Jesse Kelly: “Traditional Germans who were proud of their country, they looked out, they looked across the street at the latest gay nightclub and they said, ‘Find me whoever is going to stop that.’ And they did.”

“Shame, for example, focuses attention on external perceptions of behavior and this provides a deterrence instrumental in sanctioning vicious or unjust action.”

— Marlene K. Sokolon, “Political Emotions: Aristotle and the Symphony of Reason and Emotion”