More on Voting Rights: Videos & Lesson Plans

A timeline of new and old efforts to limit the electoral power of voters of color

A History of Voting Rights

by The New York Times

June 25, 2013


The History of U.S. Voting Rights

Things Explained


April 16, 2020

A Five Minute History of Voting Rights Since 1965


August 7, 2019



Lesson Plan: To Vote or Not to Vote

Film Summary: Despite what you might have been led to believe, there is no “right to vote” in the Constitution. The film tracks the history of voting rights in the U.S., leading us to a newfound understanding of what obstacles might prevent us from casting our vote in future elections. Armed with that knowledge and a motivation to right that wrong, this film explores just what it would take to amend the Constitution today.

Bring the class together and have students ask the questions they generated in the second section of the chart and share their most memorable moments of the film.

Go a little deeper into the film’s rich historical content. Divide the class into six groups and assign one of the following key points from the film to each group. Have students conduct quick research on their topic question using the resources listed below and others. (This can be done as a homework assignment.) Have students prepare their findings and present them to the class.

“Millions of Americans have been sold a fraud that the election was stolen. Republicans have a duty to tell the American people that this is not true. Perpetuating the Big Lie is an attack on the core of our constitutional republic.”

— Rep. Liz Cheney