Joker: Former President Donald Trump:
“. . . lie and attack, win no matter what . . .”
“I’m telling you the single biggest issue, as bad as the border is and it’s horrible, horrible what they’re doing, they’re destroying our country — but as bad as that is, the single biggest issue — the issue that gets the most pull, the most respect, the biggest cheers — is talking about the election fraud of the 2020 presidential election.”      - Donald Trump, October 10, 2021 “There’s hostility to lying, and there should be.”     – Bob Woodward Learn More
Rubio dismisses Trump’s NATO comments: ‘Zero concern’

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) attempted to defend Trump’s comments at a rally on Saturday, where the former president said he warned a foreign leader that if that country didn’t contribute enough to the alliance, then Russia can “do whatever the hell they want."

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On Tuesday, the committee announced 10 new subpoenas that seemed to expand the aperture of the inquiry even further, seeking information from top officials in Mr. Trump’s White House including Stephen Miller, his senior adviser . . . .  In its order to Mr. Miller, the committee said that he had helped to spread false claims of voter fraud in the election, and to encourage state legislatures to appoint alternate slates of electors in an effort to invalidate Mr. Biden’s victory.


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Scalise is seemingly less aligned with the hard right on these issues than Jordan, who leads the House GOP’s “weaponization” subcommittee and has spun elaborate conspiracy theories.

But Scalise has echoed much of the same rhetoric:
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CPI: "Breeding ground for the next generation of Trump loyalists," an engine of voter suppression
  • Funded by?  The Council for National Policy (CNP), also known as the “Secret Hub of the Radical Christian Right." 
  • Founded/directed by?  Jim DeMint, CNP member & former president of The Heritage Foundation.
  • Led by? Trump enabler & co-conspirator Mark Meadows, CNP member & former Trump chief of staff.
  • Founder and funder of? Election Integrity Network (EIN), voter suppression masquerading as election integrity,
  • EIN's leader?  CNP/CPI member & Trump voter-suppression attorney, Cleta Mitchell.
  • Opposed: "For the People" Act, the elections reform bill that would undo Voter ID laws, support mail-in ballots, enact automatic voter registration, and shine light on dark money.
  • Partners with: Jan 6. enabler Turning Point USA, which played a major role in the January 6th Capitol riots.
  • Funding: Mark Meadows' mission "to create more members [of Congress] like Jim Jordan, Ted Cruz, and Josh Hawley," via CPI’s new State Freedom Caucus Network.
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The New York Young Republican's Club? A combative young Republican group in the state, firmly on the right and Trump-friendly, the club’s 29-year-old president, presiding.

Mr. Wax's kindred spirit? Vish Burra, the director of operations for Representative George Santos, the New York Republican whose long history of lies has been festooned with a nascent embrace of right-wing political positions. In December 2023, Mr. Wax made headlines after he made remarks at a gala in Manhattan — attended by Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene and Stephen K. Bannon, both noted Trump allies — suggesting the Republicans should wage “total war” against the Democrats.

The radicalization of some New York Republicans vaulted Carl Paladino, a western New York Republican, to the 2010 ballot for governor. Mr. Paladino’s history of racist, sexist and homophobic comments did not stop him from carrying the Republican banner.

Last year, Mr. Paladino made a bid for a House seat and quickly won the endorsement of Representative Elise Stefanik, the “Ultra MAGA” upstate congresswoman and the third-highest ranking Republican in the party’s House majority.

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How Tucker Carlson Stoked White Fear to Conquer Cable April 30, 2022 Nicholas Confessore How Tucker Carlson Reshaped Fox News — and Became Trump’s Heir April 30, 2022 Nicholas Confessore Learn More
It all comes home to roost for Sean Hannity. Dec. 2, 2020: Hannity tears into mainstream media for 'totally, completely' ignoring election fraud claims: 'We will remain independent. We answer only to the truth,' the 'Hannity' host told his viewers

Jan. 6, 2021: Even Fox News’s Sean Hannity tried to stop the madness, in a text to Trump press secretary Kayleigh McEnany: “Hey now, no more crazy people, no more stolen election talk. Yes, impeachment and 25th amendment are real. Many people will quit.” 

August 25, 2022: Dominion’s legal complaint lays out how Fox repeatedly aired conspiracy theories about the company’s purported role in a plot to steal votes from former President Donald J. Trump, and argues that its business has suffered considerably as a result. Those falsehoods — including that Dominion was a pawn of the Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez and that its machines were designed with a feature that allowed votes to be flipped from one candidate to another — aired night after night as Fox hosts like Mr. Hannity and Mr. Dobbs allowed guests to make them on their shows, and in some cases vouched for them.  
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Mulvaney: No conscience

2016: Mulvaney, just days before Trump was elected: 

“I’m supporting Donald Trump…he is a “terrible human being.” 

As director of OMB, Mulvaney okayed the withholding of almost $400 million Congress had appropriated for Ukraine’s protection against Russia. In May 2019, he set up “the three amigos,” Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland, special envoy Kurt Volker, and Energy Secretary Rick Perry, to pressure Zelensky.

When the story came out, Mulvaney told the press that Trump had indeed withheld the money to pressure Zelensky to help him cheat in the 2020 election. “I have news for everybody,” he said. “Get over it. There’s going to be political influence in foreign policy.” He immediately walked the story back, but there it was.

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In 2021, DeSantis endorsed President Donald Trump’s fight to hold onto his job, floating the idea that GOP-controlled legislatures in battleground states won by Democratic nominee Joe Biden could appoint Trump electors and override the popular vote.
In a playbook Republicans across the country are using after President Joe Biden’s decisive victory, DeSantis announced his support for new restrictions on voting by mail and on ballot drop boxes, needed, he claims, to clean up election nightmares that have plagued the state's reputation since the neck-and-neck George Bush vs. Al Gore fight in 2000.
 As a state governor he has campaigned for election deniers, after bragging before the 2020 presidential election.that he had removed local election officials and even in the middle of the pandemic had not expanded mail-in voting.  More from mentor Trump's playbook?  In 2022 DeSantis wrongly arrested Black voters . . . for voting. And now this . . .  NYTimes: Today’s Top News: DeSantis Acknowledges Trump’s 2020 Loss, and More
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